Youth Sports

Monterey Peninsula has some of the best youth sports. From soccer, to baseball, to basketball, and more! Encouraging the youth of the area to participate in self-esteem building, friendly competition, and an overall sense of companionship is really important to such a community-based area such as Monterey Peninsula. The best programs are listed below.


In the fall, the youth members of Pacific Grove can take part in playing some soccer, and in the winter, the youth basketball leagues come together. Naturally, there are baseball and softball opportunities, as well. There is also track in the spring seasons for youth through the YMCA of Monterey Peninsula. If your kids are runners, jumpers, or hurdlers, definitely check out the program.


The Monterey Elite is a baseball team that focuses on youth development in the area. The team is sponsored by Monterey PONY Baseball and is considered a non-profit organization.


The best way to take advantage of youth activities for your kids is to join the Monterey Sports Center. The center offers many different leagues, camps, and lessons for kids who are interested in playing sports. The center offers football leagues, junior soccer leagues, track and field lessons, and all encompassing youth sports camps. There is no better place to get connected with in order to help your kids get out and stay active.