One of the most popular sports in our country today, soccer runs wild and free in Monterey Peninsula. Check out some of the best teams in the area below.


The Manchester Soccer Club is built up of soccer teams throughout Southern California. The club is highly regarded in San Diego, and is a contender throughout the entire So Cal area as a club that helps promotes proper social skills, as well as true soccer talent. Though not based out of the Monterey Peninsula area, it is still a club that the residents can, and may want to, take advantage of.


The Monterey Peninsula Soccer League or MPSL is a USSF affiliated soccer league that focuses on amateur adult players. The league was founded in the 1980s and is affiliated with FIFA, though not on a professional level. Though the league is currently a men’s league, women are welcome, and the teams occasionally have a mixed gender game. There is also an all women’s league associated with the MPSL, if that is something that interests the residents of Monterey Peninsula.


As far as professional soccer goes, the San Jose Earthquakes play out of Santa Clara, which is only an hour and a half outside of the Peninsula. The team has been around since 1996 and currently plays at Buck Shaw Stadium.