Monterey Peninsula fits right into the rest of California State with its love of football. The three cities within Monterey Peninsula are no strangers to the game. Check out the best teams in the area!


Carmel is the proud home to the Carmel High School Football team, a team that truly focuses on companionship, friendly competition, and the drive to win. Besides their high school, Carmel has a team called the Panther House, which is built up of youth members, but with a similar focus as any other football team. The Panthers promote self-esteem, positive teamwork, and great sportsmanship skills.


Monterey High School has a wonderful football team that the community loves to support. Cheering on today’s youth as they learn self-awareness, confidence, and leadership through sports is one of the best activities that Monterey can offer its residents.


The wonderful football team of Pacific Grove High School is truly a point of pride for the entire city. The group of high school boys play football every fall and certainly encourage the community to come together to support them in their leadership and teamwork.


As far as professional football goes, the Oakland Raiders play just two hours away from Carmel. Support the home team by taking a bit of a road trip and cheering the Raiders on.