Monterey's Fish House


Monterey, CA

Monterey Peninsula has so many different restaurants to choose from throughout its three main cities. Some of the most well-loved restaurants are listed here below, based on the city.


The Flying Fish Grill is the epitome of Carmel, California. Started by Tina and Kenny Fukumoto, the restaurant is romantically lit with subtle Asian decoration throughout the building. The food offered on Flying Fish Grill’s menu very much sums up Carmel. Choose from salmon, lobster, noodles, beef, vegetables, halibut, and all of the wine you can imagine. The restaurant was even once featured on The Rachael Ray Show. Do not miss the opportunity to taste a bit of Carmel fame!


The Old Fisherman’s Grotto fits in so well in Monterey. The Grotto has been around since 1950 and has been family run ever since. Due to its tenure in the city, the restaurant has grown to be one of the most well loved places in all of Monterey. The Grotto offers delicious wine, mouthwatering seafood, and a definite family feel. Their clam chowder is often voted as the best in the city. Check it out!


Passionfish is a restaurant that prides itself on creating food from the heart. Passionfish only uses fresh and local ingredients, chosen on a daily basis from small farms and farmer market’s. They offer a wide variety of wine, as well. All meat, seafood, and produce are sustainably harvested, truly making Passionfish a “green business.” One of the best parts of Pacific Grove, check out Passionfish the next time you are eating out.