Pacific Grove Things to Do

There is never a dull moment in Pacific Grove. No matter what your idea of fun is, you will find it here in Pacific Grove!


The Pacific Grove Oceanview Boulevard is an incredibly gorgeous scenic view of the city. Hike, walk, or even just read a book while you enjoy the view. There is nothing more beautiful than soaking up the sea air at the Boulevard.


Interested in the history of the city? Pacific Grove’s Museum of Natural History serves as a personal guide to the history of the region. Learn about the birds, the wildlife, the plants, and the geology of this gorgeous area. The museum is open Tuesday through Sunday, and is an absolute must for people who want to know more about the city.


Also an incredibly pivotal historic point in Pacific Grove is the Point Pinos Lighthouse. The lighthouse proudly stands as one of the oldest continuously-operating lighthouses in the world, and in fact, it is the oldest on the West Coast. There is a museum within the lighthouse, but even just experiencing the lighthouse in person is an incredible experience.