Pacific Grove Music

Like its sister cities, Pacific Grove has a huge background in music. The city hosts festivals, and live music events all year round. If you love music, you will love what Pacific Grove has to offer.


At the Pacific Grove Good Old Days festival, the city gets to flaunt its personality through music, art, and wonderful food. The festival provides live entertainment split between five different stages with a variety of music to experience. There is also a parade, activities for pets and kids, and theatrical performances to enjoy!


At the Wine, Art, and Music Walk, residents of Pacific Grove can enjoy a variety of wine and live music while touring the best art galleries within the city. The walk is one night only, so be sure to take advantage of it when it comes around each year.


Besides the various festivals in Pacific Grove, there are always opportunities to head to the other cities in Monterey Peninsula to take part in one of the many live theater shows, concerts, or open-mic nights at a neighboring arena. It is a good place to be for music lovers!