Monterey Bed & Breakfasts

Looking for a quaint and cozy place to stay in Monterey? Look no further. Monterey has some of the best bed and breakfasts around.


Jabberwock Inn
598 Laine Street
Monterey, CA 93940


The Jabberwock Inn is an adorable and quirky bed and breakfast located in Monterey. The rooms are adorned with Victorian style beds and most rooms are located with a perfect view of the water at Monterey Bay. The inn offers wine, hors d’oeuvres, and, most uniquely, cookies and milk around bed time. For a truly wonderful time, have a stay at the Jabberwock.


Old Monterey Inn
500 Martin Street
Monterey, CA, 93940


The Old Monterey Inn has won awards in the past for how beautiful and well-maintained it is. People simply love the Old Inn. The inn has been featured on The Today Show, and included on a list of “One Thousand Places to See Before You Die.” Enjoy strolls through English rose trees, partake in nightly wine and appetizers, hang out in the beautiful gardens outside, or stay in your room next to a cozy fireplace. The Old Monterey Inn is exactly what a B&B should be.