Monterey Arts & Entertainment

Monterey is an incredibly diverse city in the state of California. The city always has events encompassing music, arts, and various other forms of entertainment. It is nearly impossible to be bored while living or visiting the area.


Monterey Peninsula has such a gorgeous outdoor area as well, though, so don’t spend all of your times indoors. At the Monterey
Fairgrounds, or the Monterey County Fair and Event Center, there are always events incorporating music and art. Each year, the Fairgrounds host the famous Monterey County Fair, the Monterey Bay Reggaefest, and the Monterey Jazz Festival–just to name a few. If outdoor music, food, and art are interesting to you, definitely check it out.


The Monterey Jazz Festival is also one of the most important aspects of the entertainment scene in the city. The annual Next Generation Jazz Festival, which is a high school jazz competition, takes place every April in Monterey. The music is offered as a warm up for the much bigger festival that typically takes place in September. The events are always free, and the winner of the Next Generation gets to perform at the festival in September.


The Jazz Bash by the Bay, which typically takes place in March, is also one of Monterey’s most exciting events of the year. The event was founded in 1980, yet it still celebrates the roots of classic jazz, swing music, and ragtime. The festival also works to promotes youth education for those interested in jazz performances. The event is extremely popular, and certainly not limited to residents of Monterey. People from all over the world come to partake!


For more artistic endeavors, check the list below.