Carmel Things to Do

Carmel has so much to do within its city limits that it would be easier to point out what not to do. Because of its history as an artful city, its rich historical background, its dog friendly nature, it’s absolutely gorgeous scenery, and its participation in various sports and recreational activities, there is just not much that Carmel cannot offer its visitors and residents.


The Point Lobos State Reserve is a natural wild life state park that allows you to simply have a picnic, take a tour, or go on a long bike ride. The scenery is absolutely unbelievable, and it is a definite must-do while visiting the Carmel area.


Though there are plenty of other scenic opportunities to take advantage of while visiting Carmel, there are other things to take part in while there, as well. The Borromeo del Rio Carmelo Mission is a beautiful establishment built in the 1770s, yet it still stands today. The mission has a church, gorgeous gardens, and exhibits to view.


It is impossible to talk about what to do while in Carmel without mentioning some of its greatest art arenas. The Sunset Cultural Center, and the Golden Bough Playhouse are incredibly vital to Carmel Culture. Both theaters house not only history, but theater productions and musical events and exhibits.


There is nothing you cannot do in Carmel, California. Come experience the culture and joy.