Carmel Youth Sports

The city of Carmel certainly understands the importance of the participation of youth activity when it comes to sports and recreation. Because of this, there are plenty of sports leagues and groups that the youthful members of Carmel can join.


The Monterey Elite is a baseball team that focuses on youth development. The team is sponsored by Monterey PONY Baseball and is considered a non-profit organization.


The Carmel Youth Baseball team plays for PONY, which is an acronym for “Protect Our Nation’s Youth.” The organization is also a non-profit that focuses on helping younger participants have successful futures. The local team hopes to expand its program to encompass youth participants from other surrounding areas, as well.


Besides high school teams, Carmel has a team called the Panther House, which is built up of youth members, but with a similar focus as any other football team. The Panthers promote self-esteem, positive teamwork, and great sportsmanship skills.