Carmel Basketball

Basketball is a big part of Carmel’s athletic culture. As a part of the Master Sports League in Carmel, there are multiple basketball leagues for residents to partake in. The Carmel Valley Fall Basketball League offers kids from grades first through twelfth various opportunities to play ball. There are a few different leagues to choose from, depending on the location and age of the child, but no one is left behind.


At Carmel High School every year, there is the Basketball Jones Hoop Camp, which was established in 1996. The Hoop Camp supports kids from all of the areas in the Monterey Peninsula, encouraging them to play basketball and learn friendly and fun competition.


The Monterey Peninsula College Basketball team is also a huge part of Carmel’s pride. The team is built up of some of the most talented students at the school. It is a definite good time for all those who want to go cheer them on.


As far as professional basketball goes, the Golden State Warriors play out of Oakland, which is only a two hour drive from Carmel. The Golden State Warriors play out of the Oracle Arena and guarantee an extremely worthwhile time.


There are also basketball hoops at all of the recreational centers in and around Carmel, so if you are looking to shoot some hoops without points being scored, or leagues being joined, there are definitely options for you to participate in playing a game or two.