Carmel Sports

Because of its gorgeous location, there are so many sport opportunities in Carmel.



Join the Carmel Valley Athletic Club to take advantage of all of the sports and recreational activities you can imagine. There are nationally acknowledged tennis programs at the club, as well as a variety of options for basic workouts. There is an entire loft dedicated to Pilates, a mind and body center, which focuses on group specialty workouts like hot yoga and Zumba. There is an entire Bocce ball court, educational programs to help you learn how best to take care of your body, social events like hiking, and trainers that specialize in basically any kind of sports training that you can muster up.



There is another great sports center called the Monterey Sports Center, which has very similar features. Aquatics, fitness focus, group exercise, an entirely stocked gym, camps to partake in, and even physical therapy, the Monterey Sports Center will help you participate in plenty of friendly and competitive activities.



Carmel is also a huge advocate of golfing. There are numerous golf courses around town, as well as golfing events that you can participate in, or at least observe others while they play.



Naturally, Carmel also offers a wide variety of biking and jogging trails. Research your favorite locations within Carmel, and hop on your bicycle or grab your running buddy to experience some truly beautiful sights while you breeze through the sea air.