Carmel Restaurants

The Flying Fish Grill is the epitome of Carmel, California. Started by Tina and Kenny Fukumoto, the restaurant is romantically lit with subtle Asian decoration throughout the building. The food offered on Flying Fish Grill’s menu very much sums up Carmel. Choose from salmon, lobster, noodles, beef, vegetables, halibut, and all of the wine you can imagine. The restaurant was even once featured on The Rachael Ray Show. Do not miss the opportunity to taste a bit of Carmel fame!


Carmel has a rich background in delicious cuisine. No matter what kind of food you prefer, there is no way you will not find it in or near Carmel. Naturally, Carmel has a lot of great seafood options due to its proximity to the ocean. If seafood is not your choice for dinner however, you are still in luck. There are so many restaurants to choose from. Some of our favorites are listed below.