Carmel Late Night Bites

If you find yourself hungry late at night while in Carmel, never fear. There are quite a few restaurants that are open to support your late night cravings. Don’t go to bed hungry; go visit one of our favorite places!


At Brophy’s Tavern, the kitchen is always open until 11:00 PM for your late night needs. Brophy’s is considered a “gastro-pub,” which means there are a wide and delicious variety of foods to choose from. Indulge in hamburgers, cheese steak sandwiches, porcini mushroom ravioli, and basically everything in between. Brophy’s also has a full bar, and a home-y vibe.


The Jack London Bar and Grill is a classic, yet delicious place to eat late at night. Jack’s is open until 11:30 PM most nights, and offers a variety of foods to eat. Jack’s has been in Carmel for over 30 years, and has never disappointed its residents. From club sandwiches to cheesecake, there is no limit to Jack London’s menu.


For a fancier late night excursion, check out PortaBella. Portabella offers a menu with cuisine based out of France, Italy, and Spain. PortaBella is a romantic, intimate little tour of some of the most beautiful countries in the world. With an extensive wine list, and food that is simply to die for, it is absolutely worth stopping by. Open until 10 PM every night.