Carmel Arts & Entertainment

Carmel is very well known for its history of the arts. In 1907, the first art theatre was built in town, called the Carmel Arts and Crafts Clubhouse. Poets would perform their work there. A few years later, the club began to host lessons for painters, actors, writers, and other artists. The facility kept expanding throughout the 20th century, and was eventually rebuilt as a two-theatre complex in the 1950s after a fire burnt down part of the original building.


Carmel was built on art, some of the housing structures were even designed by local artists. There is plenty of art and culture to immerse oneself in while visiting or living the city.


There is a gorgeous arena called Sunset Center located in Carmel. Sunset Center was originally established as a school, though today it is a performing arts center that houses concerts, entertainers, and various community events. Sunset Center has been opened as this wonderful musical arena since 2003. The center is the perfect size to satisfy a large group without losing an intimate feeling to the performances.


There is also the Carmel Bach Festival each year, dating back to 1935. The festival originally took place over the course of three days, eventually spanning to three weeks, though it is now over a two week period. The Bach Festival celebrates J.S. Bach, naturally, but also brings celebration to the history of Baroque music and its time period. The Monterey Symphony takes part in the festival, playing triple performances of a seven-part concert series.