Arts & Entertainment

The Monterey Peninsula is an incredibly diverse region of California. There are constant events surrounding music, arts, and various other forms of entertainment. It is nearly impossible to be bored while living or visiting the area.


There is a gorgeous arena called Sunset Center located in Carmel. Sunset Center was originally established as a school, though today it is a performing arts center that houses concerts, entertainers, and various community events. Sunset Center has been opened as this wonderful musical arena since 2003. The center is the perfect size to satisfy a large group without
losing an intimate feeling to the performances.


Monterey Peninsula has such a gorgeous outdoor area as well, though, so don’t spend all of your times indoors. At the Monterey
Fairgrounds, or the Monterey County Fair and Event Center, there are always events incorporating music and art. Each year, the Fairgrounds host the famous Monterey County Fair, the Monterey Bay Reggaefest, and the Monterey Jazz Festival–just to name a few. If outdoor music, food, and art are interesting to you, definitely check it out.


And if art is specifically your interest, check out the Carmel Art Association located in Carmel. It has been around for a very long time, and is still run by local Carmel artists. There is also the Venture Gallery in Monterey, which is also run by local artists.


These places are simply a few key locations throughout Monterey Peninsula to experience the culture you are yearning for. The whole region is rich in art, history, music, and general entertainment.