Pacific Grove Demographics

According to the 2010 United States Census, the population of Pacific Grove was about 15,041 people, with a population density of 2,758.1 people per square mile.


97.6% of Pacific Grove’s population lived in households, .9% lived in non-institutionalized housing, and 1.4% were institutionalized in 2010.


Out of the 7,020 households in Pacific Grove, 21.7% of them had children under the age of 18 living there. 41.8% were opposite-sex married couples, 9.3% had a female head-of-house, while 3.3% had a male head-of-house. 5% of the population was made up of unmarried opposite-sex couples, and .8% were same-sex married or unmarried couples. 37.2% of the households were individuals, and 14.4% had a senior citizen living alone. The average household size was 2.09, while the average family size was 2.74.


The racial make-up of Pacific Grove was as follows: 84.5% white residents, 10.7% Hispanic or Latino residents, 5.8% Asian residents, 1.3% black residents, .5% Native American residents, and .3% Pacific Islander residents. 4.4% of Pacific Grove residents considered themselves of two or more races, and 3.1% identified as an “other race.”