Pacific Grove Charities

Pacific Grove has a huge heart for non-profit and charitable organizations. The beach town has many aspects to it, but their community is the most important one. These charities help make Pacific Grove the loving place that it is today.


Animal Friends Rescue Project
PO Box 51083
Pacific Grove
California 93950


The Animal Friends Rescue Project in Pacific Grove has a clear mission of finding permanent homes for abandoned, stray, and formerly abused domestic animals. The project also focuses on spaying and neutering animals to help control the animal population.


Center for Living History
P.O. Box 51778
Pacific Grove, CA 93950


Around since 1986, the Center of Living History is built up of volunteers who would like to share their passion of history with local schools in Pacific Grove. There are multiple programs running out of the center, and they are entirely not for profit. The center relies on donations from the community to fund their educational passion.


Pacific Grove Museum of National History
165 Forest Ave
Pacific Grove, CA, 93950


One of the most important aspects of Pacific Grove, the Museum of National History is completely not for profit, which means the establishment is dependent on community support and funds. Community donations are put toward school field trips, “Science Saturdays,” science programs, and the necessary care for the exhibits on display.


The Pacific Grove Museum also has a program called Adopt-a-Bird where members can “adopt” a bird from the Museum’s collection in order to raise awareness and support for conservation of the museum’s collection. Donating and “adopting” a bird gets your name displayed on the bird mount in front of your little creature. It is a fun and creative way to give back to your community!