About Pacific Grove

Pacific Grove is located on the central coast of California just a couple of hours south of San Francisco and occupies the southern tip of the Monterey Bay. Pacific Grove is bordered by Pebble Beach to the southwest, Monterey to the southeast, Monterey Bay to the northeast and the Pacific Ocean to the west. This page of LiveMontereyPeninsula.com and all of the links associated with it are focused on the City of Pacific Grove, CA 93950.


You can’t talk about Pacific Grove without mentioning the fantastic coastline and beautiful views of Monterey Bay only offered from this unique vantage point. Picturesque Lovers Point along with the entire coastline around Pacific Grove is a must see especially in the springtime when the ice plant is in full bloom.


I addition to Pacific Grove’s scenic beauty, this town is known as “America’s Last Hometown” and it is appropriately named if you ask me. One stay in this quaint little town will leave you wanting to come back again and again or even moving here full time! There is a great downtown shopping district that looks much the same as it did 50 years ago and Pacific Grove will not allow national chains to put up shop here which helps preserve the look and feel of this great little town. There is a feeling of community in Pacific Grove and fabulous annual community events that keep the old traditions alive and foster that strong community feel. In addition to the feel of an older slower pace of life, Pacific Grove is said to have the highest concentration of Victorian era homes per capita in America, so the town looks the part as well.


Things To Do In Pacific Grove


Pacific Grove offers plenty of activities for visitors and locals alike to enjoy but I would have to bet the most favorite thing to do here is to slow down and just walk around town and the waterfront and take in the scenery. There are hundreds of Victorian homes to look at including some very prominent Bed and Breakfast establishments down along the waterfront and sprinkled throughout the downtown area that are quite impressive. In addition, Pacific Grove has some great restaurants that tend to hide in the shadows of some of the other better known cities on the Monterey peninsula. So a stop at the Red House for lunch or Passion Fish for dinner might be on the itinerary.


Activities in Pacific Grove include surfing, sailing, paddle boarding, kayaking, hanging out at the beach, whale watching, sport fishing, walking or bicycling on the bike trail, walking your dog, tennis, climb on the rocks, bird watching, painting, photography, go on a Pacific Grove historical home hunt, visit the Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary and a whole lot more. You will quickly discover why it is considered America’s Last Home Town!


A Little Pacific Grove History


Pacific Grove was originally inhabited by the Ohlone tribe who inhabited various parts of the Monterey Bay during prehistoric times. In 1602, Spanish explorer Sebastian Vizcaino named the northern tip of the Monterey Peninsula “Punta de los Pinos,” or Point of the Pines while exploring the California coast. Back then the pine trees grew thick right to the waters edge. Point Pinos Lighthouse is the oldest continuously operating lighthouse on the west coast and still sits on “Punta de los Pinos.” It was put into operation in February 1, 1855 and has been a beacon of light warning sailors of the potential rocky dangers off the coast and it marks the southern tip of the Monterey Bay in Pacific Grove.


Pacific Grove was founded in 1875 as a Methodist Retreat like its east coast namesake, Ocean Grove, NJ.  Read more…


Pacific Grove Real Estate


Pacific Grove real estate is an eclectic mixture of homes that have been built over the past 150 or so years. There are over 1000 Victorian era homes here, making Pacific Grove a favorite place for people who love this artsy style of architecture. There are traditional Queen Anne Victorian homes as well as the very popular Craftsman style homes primarily located in the Old Retreat neighborhood. Craftsman’s are so popular there are many modern homes built in this classic style to blend in with the existing architecture.


In addition to the Victorian homes, there are 1930’s Spanish Mediterranean style homes in Pacific Grove, mid-century modern homes as well as the typical California Ranches of the 1960’s and 1970’s. The majority of the city was built out by the late 1970’s so you do not see a lot of newer construction homes unless they are remodels or the previous home was torn down and a new one built in its place. Pacific Grove is very protective of their architectural heritage and homes built prior to 1950 are automatically considered historical by the city and require a historical review prior to a major remodel.


Pacific Grove has tremendous ocean views and Pacific Grove ocean view real estate is extremely sought after. Ocean view Victorian cottages are extremely rare on the market and will sell for a premium along with ocean view Mediterranean homes.


Pacific Grove Representatives


Pacific Grove is governed by the mayor and six city council members, all publicly elected by the voting residents of the city. Pacific Grove is represented, like its neighboring cities of the Monterey Peninsula, on the Monterey County Board of Supervisors. The city is a part of the 27th Assembly district of California. In the State Senate, it is represented as a part of the 15th State Senate district, and in the United States House of Representatives, Pacific Grove is represented in the 17th congressional district of California.