Monterey Neighborhoods

The neighborhoods of Monterey truly embody the spirit and the history of this great historical city of Alta California.  There is an eclectic mixture of architecture throughout the city of Monterey adding character to each neighborhood and the city over all that you just don’t see in a lot of towns across the United States these days.  Living here truly is special!


Monterey is broken up into 13 different neighborhoods.  Most of the neighborhoods in Monterey are rich in their history, especially the older neighborhoods near the downtown area.


 They are as follows:


Alta Mesa


Casanova / Oak Knoll


Del Monte Beach


Del Monte Grove / Laguna Grande


Deer Flats / Fisherman’s Flats


Mar Vista


Monte Vista


New Monterey


Oak Grove


Old Del Monte


Old Town


Peter’s Gate


Skyline Forest


Monterey boasts a wonderful organization called the Neighborhood Improvement Program. The program has been around since 1985 and its function is to take the money that tourists spend on visiting back into the neighborhoods to improve life for Monterey residents. 16 percent of the money collected through hotel taxes has to be spent on the community.

Monterey Neighborhoods