Since Monterey Peninsula is a region that encompasses three different cities, the history of the Peninsula is built up of each of the cities.


Monterey History

Monterey was founded in 1770 by Spanish explorers. The city served as the capital of what was then considered “Las Californias,” and “Alta California,” until 1848. The region was under the rule of three different nations–Mexico, Spain, and the United States–until 1846 when California was taken as U.S. territory during the Mexican-American War. Monterey was the city in which California was claimed as American territory, which makes it a pivotal point in California State history. Read More.


Carmel History

Carmel-by-the-Sea was also founded by Spanish explorers. Carmel was originally discovered in 1602 by a man named Sebastian Vizcaino, who named the city “Carmel Valley.” The city was lost however, and not rediscovered until 1770 when other Spanish travelers came through the area, colonizing both Carmel and its neighboring town of Monterey. In 1821, Carmel became Mexican territory when Mexico gained independence from Spain.

Carmel officially became a part of the United States in 1846 when the U.S. gained California during the Mexican-American war. The name “Carmel-by-the-Sea” was first used by Abbie Jane Hunter on a business postcard for a Women’s Real Estate Investment Company. The Carmel post office was finally opened in 1902, and Carmel was officially incorporated in 1916. Read more…


Pacific Grove History

Pacific Grove was founded in 1875 by a group of Methodist explorers. The city was named after Ocean Grove, New Jersey, though the cities do not have much in common with one another. The city quickly became a draw for many people looking for fresh air and beautiful scenery. The Pacific Grove Post Office was established in 1886, though it was briefly closed and re-opened in 1887. The city was incorporated in 1889. Read more:


Pebble Beach History

In 1908, Lewis Hobart was hired to design a lodge in Pebble Beach. The lodge included private patios, a great hall, fireplaces, a tavern, and a full kitchen. Eventually, the lodge included cottages that were rented out for people staying overnight in the area. In 1916, Samuel Morse, who was then managing the Pebble Beach Lodge, had a vision of building a golf course on the edge of the community. Tragically however, the lodge burned down in 1917 during the construction of the course and the whole area was forced into reconstruction. In 1919, what was once Pebble Beach Lodge reopened as the Del Monte Lodge, a multi-story hotel and resort complete with a swimming pool and its own golf course.


The Del Monte Lodge expanded over the next few decades, eventually incorporating other hotels, business offices, shopping locations, and even an arcade. In 1977, the Del Monte Properties Company was reinstated as the Pebble Beach Corporation and the lodge was renamed as the “Lodge at Pebble Beach.” The Pebble Beach Corporation has been owned and managed under various people and corporations since its induction in the 1970s including Rupert Murdoch, Minoru Isutani, and Clint Eastwood.