Carmel Neighborhoods

Though Carmel is not a huge city, it is broken up into 13 different neighborhoods. The neighborhoods all surround downtown Carmel, which is most often referred to as Carmel-by-the-Sea. The neighborhoods all share their love of art, history, dogs, gorgeous scenery, and of course, the water.


The neighborhoods of Carmel are as follows:


Carmel Hills


Carmel Meadows


Carmel Point


Carmel Views


Carmel Woods


Hatton Fields


High Meadows


Jack’s Peak


Mission Fields


Northeast Carmel


Northwest Carmel


Southeast Carmel


Southwest Carmel


A quirk about homes throughout the Carmel area is that some of them do not have addresses, but rather names instead. “Beach Dog House” and “Easy Escape” are just two examples. Homes like these have their mail delivered to the Post Office.