Carmel Charities

Carmel is a little city with a big heart. Naturally, there are plenty of charities in the surrounding area to donate to, or volunteer with. Check out some of our favorite places below.


The Carmel Foundation
PO Box 1050
Carmel, CA 93921


The Carmel Foundation has a very distinct goal regarding the focus on senior citizens. The foundation hopes to provide a graceful ageing period for people ages 55 years and older. The Carmel Foundation offers interactive activities, focusing on the social and emotional needs of their residents.


Carmel Woman’s Club
P.O. Box 2674
Carmel, CA 93921


This club meets twice a month, mainly between the months of November and May, to focus on charitable donations, the benefits of being social, and the welfare of Carmel’s community. The club has over 200 members, and the meetings focus on a broad range of humor, music, history lessons, and community awareness. The clubhouse is available for renting, and the membership application is open for anyone at all.


Friends of the Sea Otter
P.O. Box 223260
Carmel, CA. 93922


This charity has committed to becoming advocates of the sea otter, one of the most unique (and adorable!) animals of the sea. We need to preserve their habitat, and through donations and hard work, Friends of the Sea Otter is raising money to educate, research, and drive the know-how to help these little creatures.